Nimax Theatres

Developing a West End Ticketing Solution for our Partner Nimax Theatres, Ltd.

The Customer

Nimax Theatres was founded in 2005 by theatre producers Nica Burns and Max Weitzenhoffer. They now own and operate six West End theatres (the Palace, Lyric, Apollo, Garrick, Vaudeville and Duchess). As well as operating theatres, Nimax is a leading producer of plays and musicals in London’s West End and beyond.

Photo by Elizabeth Jamieson on Unsplash

London’s West End theatre district is over four hundred years old and has evolved a unique set of commercial practices to serve a large network of independent ticket agencies. In 2012, Nimax Theatres introduced a new initiative to the West End by granting their agency partners a limited degree of API access to their in-house ticketing system. This dramatically improved their sales and customer service levels, but created a new set of challenges for venues who wanted to further extend the capabilities of their agency partners’ distribution while improving the levels of control that they could exert via their in-house systems’ API integrations.


In 2017 Nimax had selected and deployed TixTrack’s Nliven UI to provide a mobile-first ticket buying experience and in doing so had become familiar with both TixTrack’s approach to software development and Nliven’s central spine of modern RESTful JSON APIs. So a series of discussions with TixTrack led to a detailed specification of all of Nimax’s requirements for an end-to-end ticketing system, and a project plan for TixTrack to develop to these specifications with Nimax’s active involvement.